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Stories from the Picture Press: Black Star Publishing Co. & The Canadian Press

Winter 2021 
Main Gallery
Curators: Paul Roth, Gaëlle Morel and Rachel Verbin
Contributors: Denise Birkhofer, Alexandra Gooding, Valérie Matteau, Grace van Vliet, D’Arcy White, Chantal Wilson

Featuring more than thirty-five stories about historic events and personalities, this exhibition explores the important role of photo agencies during the heyday of print photojournalism. Drawing from the RIC’s famous Black Star press photography collection as well as the archive of Canada’s national news agency, The Canadian Press, the selection spans the twentieth century—from the British movement for women’s right to vote, through the Watts riots in Los Angeles, to the Oka Crisis in Quebec. Each story illuminates a different aspect of how photojournalists have worked to document the news and distribute their photographs for publication.

Young people carrying flags ride on top of a car in Prague.
Fig. 1

Hilmar Pabel, [Prague], 1968, gelatin silver print. The Black Star Collection, Ryerson Image Centre