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Adrian Raymer: Rejects

May 1 - June 9, 2019
Student Gallery, Ryerson Image Centre

My grandfather James spent the last years of his life in a small flat in Burlington, Ontario, estranged from his family. Following his death in 1997, all of his possessions were sold by a nameless German couple he shared the apartment with, leaving nothing but whatever my grandmother Marie had in her custody. Twenty years later, I found a forgotten box of slides bearing the words, “Waltons – Rejects,” filled with images of James and Marie in their twenties attending a party, and this project began.

In Rejects, I reenact the scenes in the 35mm colour slides found in the box and narrate a new history for the original images, looking at how we lose context as the truth becomes distorted and lost over time. Dancing on the line between fact and fiction, I present the props sourced and used within my reenactments as real artifacts, their history solidified in their existence within the old slides, the re-creations, and the installation.

- Adrian Raymer

A person in a sweater and a tie looks down at a dining room table while holding a hand of cards, in a vintage-looking image.
Fig. 1

Adrian Raymer, Two of A Kind, 2018, inkjet print. Courtesy of the artist.